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Suzanne Dalitz is the only daughter of the legendary Las Vegas casino boss Moe Dalitz. A former bootlegger and racketeer, her father presided over the golden age of the Las Vegas Strip in the 1950s and 1960s. He went on to become a revered, and controversial, city father. When her father died in 1989 Suzanne left the neon city for what she thought would be for good.

A former author and journalist, her recent work has been published in Vegas Seven Magazine. She was profiled in the September 2013 issue of Vegas Magazine, and interviewed on the Las Vegas NBC affiliate (channel 3) for the series “From Dust to Digital” about the early Strip. She worked closely with curators to assemble the Dalitz archival collection at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in Las Vegas.

Suzanne is a progressive philanthropist and human rights activist. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband James Gollin and their three children Noah Gollin and Christopher and Chelsea Brown.


A preview of Princess of the Desert Inn

It felt illegal and wrong.

It wasn’t, but in the Old Las Vegas my father and I came out of, the move I was about to make was close to unforgiveable. I had—or at least I thought I had—solid reasons for this apparent betrayal of my beloved dad, but if Moe Dalitz were watching from the afterlife, the odds were good that he was about to disown his daughter.

I felt the weight of the velvet jewelry case in my purse. Clinking around inside it were my father’s pocket watch, cuff links, monogrammed gold money clip and early Las Vegas casino coin collection. The larger, less valuable items had already been shipped. I held the bag tight against me as I navigated the Bellagio casino to find Jonathan Ullman, the genial new Mob Museum director, sitting in the coffee shop. I put the bag of loot on the table in front of him. That was the moment, in the fall of 2011, when I put my father’s complicated Vegas legacy back up for grabs.

Desert Inn


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The Unlikely, Still-Ongoing Journey of Moe Dalitz

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How a Vegas legend’s daughter searched her conscience, alienated old friends and brought a legacy home to the Mob Museum

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Suzanne Dalitz's Vegas Stories and Secrets

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City Father

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He’s gone down in history as a legendary mobster, a business genius, a city builder and a philanthropist. But for one Las Vegas girl, Moe Dalitz was just Dad.

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Daughter of Las Vegas Mobster Moe Dalitz Attends Mob Museum Opening

By Mark Zamora for Channel 8 Las Vegas

"He said, 'I'm no angel, I did know these people but I made a point of walking between the raindrops.'"

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